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Harry Colt was perhaps the greatest architect of 20th-century golf courses. From the spectacular links of Royal Portrush to the majestic Landes of Sunningdale, many legendary golf courses of the world have been shaped by the genius of Colt and each of them responds firmly to the paramount question he posed of Any new configuration: « Will it live? » Creating classics represents Colt’s remarkable influence on golf, exploring the life and spirit of the designs for which he became famous. A book takes into account colt’s relationship with other eminent architects of the time – Dr. Alister MacKenzie worked with him long before one thought of Cypress Point and Augusta, while Colt’s partnerships with the fascinating Hugh Alison and John Morrison led to one of the largest golf courses built. This beautifully produced volume contains breathtaking images of nearly 50 courses, but it is more than just a display of spectacular photographs. Rare archival documents and moving prose capture the challenges, the history and the essence of these courses, each revealing something about the architect. Evocative narratives and captivating stories by prominent golf writers, including Bernard Darwin and Patric Dickinson, are ubiquitous, while today’s most distinguished commentator, Bruce Critchley, presents his final selection of the 18 Best Colt holes. for all golfers, the quality and reach of creating classics make it an ideal literary companion, which helps them to deepen their knowledge on some of the world’s exceptional paths and perhaps even transform their vision of the game . A book will allow members of these masterpieces to take pride in the decisive impact of their country’s decisive influence in the definition of golf today. Indeed, they belong to a special group of courses with an unprecedented inheritance and a common bond – Harry Colt.

Golf in Marrakech

Today there are more than 10 golf courses in Marrakech that have been made by big name golf and everyone can say that he was very influenced by Harry Colt in his vision of the ideal golf course or a golfer will flourish and enjoy the sun of Marrakech.

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