Harry Colt was perhaps the greatest golf course architect of the twentieth century. From the dramatic links of Royal Portrush to the stately heathlands of Sunningdale, many of the world’s legendary courses have been shaped by Colt’s genius and every single one firmly answers the overriding question he asked of any new layout: ‘is it going to live?’

Creating Classics portrays Colt’s remarkable influence on golf, exploring the life and mastermind behind the designs for which he became famous. The book takes in Colt’s relationships with other eminent architects of the day – Dr Alister MacKenzie worked with him long before Cypress Point and Augusta were thought of, while Colt’s partnerships with the fascinating Hugh Alison and John Morrison led to some of the greatest golf courses ever built.

This magnificently produced volume contains breathtaking pictures of almost 50 courses, but it is much more than simply a display of spectacular photography. Rare archive material and stirring prose capture the distinctive challenges, history and essence of these courses, with each of them revealing something about the architect. Evocative insights and engaging tales from leading golf writers of the past, including Bernard Darwin and Patric Dickinson, are peppered throughout, while today’s most distinguished commentator Bruce Critchley provides his definitive selection of Colt’s Best 18 Holes.

For all golfers, the quality and scope of Creating Classics makes it an ideal literary companion, helping expand their knowledge about some of the world’s outstanding courses and possibly even transforming the way they view the game. For members of these design masterpieces, this book will let them take pride in the pivotal impact their home turf has had in defining the way golf is played today. Indeed, they belong to a special group of courses with unparalleled heritage and a common bond – Harry Colt.